Pharmaceutical track and trace solutions

Managing supply chain with clear serialization and Track & trace will enable stringent tracking regulations as per international standards. This provides manufacturers of pharma products with high performance.

A complete functional track and trace customizable solution will ensure the pharmaceutical supply chain to track and trace from process of manufacturing to delivery of drugs. The secured RFID solution or QR based 2D system for supply chain packaging factors in pharmaceutical manufactures will help to reduce counterfeiting and safe inventory management.

Our solution Features

  • Prevention of counterfeit drugs
  • Prevention of reimbursement fraud and parallel trade
  • Tracking the side effects of medicines
  • Controlling the expiry date of drugs
  • Providing the current price information of the drug
  • Blocking the sale of recalled medicines
  • Cost reduction in supply chain
  • Brand safety

Why Hild Life sciences

As a pioneer in track and trace, Hild Life sciences provide innovative end-to-end track and trace software solutions for pharmaceutical manufacturers and medical device manufacturers. Our solutions are built in-house to have transparency from the solution design to implementation.

The serialization solution provided by Hild Life sciences is to have unique serial code for each pharmaceutical product. This enables the product identity and tracked across the supply chain process. Serialization Information related to product manufacturing to expire date can be traced through distribution networks to the end user.

Our solution delivers universal RFID standards with Public Key Infrastructure, data encryption as additional protection. The tagged supplies are tracked with secured RFID scanners and collect data’s like date, time, point of delivery and etc., It helps transparency in retail supply. The Item level serialization will help in safety and compliance, vulnerability efficient and help in recall of supplies

We operate 3 facilities with industry safety and certified units in Chennai, India which are dedicated to High Security printing.

Our laser marking solutions are one of the best in the industry. This gives the quality assurance from suppliers.

Our facilities can handle

  • Smooth and Stable package handling system
  • Continuous adjustable conveyor speed
  • Integrated ejection control system
  • Print and verification in accordance with the industrial standards.
  • Tool and format free batch changes
  • The most compact and maintenance friendly concept in the market